The Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Ita Enang has commended the Senate for its stance that President Muhammadu Buhari has not violated the law. The Senate said this in a statement signed by its Spokesman, Dr Sabi Abdullahi in Abuja on Thursday. The Senate was reacting to protests by a coalition of civil society organisations demanding that Buhari resumes duty or resigns. The Senate maintained that Buhari had broken no law as he complied with the provisions of the nation’s constitution which stipulated that he must handover to the vice president and duly inform the two chambers of the legislature about his medical vacation. According to Enang, the National Assembly is satisfied that the president’s absence left no vacuum, and therefore cautioned protesters against creating unnecessary tension in the country. Enang, who was fielding questions from newsmen after an interactive session with law students from Akwa Ibom who visited him in his office, described the Senate’s position as commendable and constitutional. “The stance of the senate is very patriotic; very commendable and very constitutional. The Senate has always stood right and upright on matters of national interest and whenever there is an objection or anything that the senate has an objection to, we look at it maturely and we look at it amicably and in this particular situation as in most other situations I commend the Senate. We thank the senate for the stabilizing statement and for the position they have taken because it is the position of the law of the Constitution.” The presidential aide said that the President was entitled under the constitution to go on medical vacation, saying that Buhari had already complied with all relevant sections of the nation’s constitution. “The president is entitled to under the Constitution transmit a formal letter to the Senate and House of Representatives informing them of his vacation and until he returns and transmits another letter, the acting President is still in charge and there is no vacuum in the country. So all actions of the government like that of the executive, legislature and the judiciary are going on and nothing is affected adversely by the vacation of Mr President since there is no vacuum in the country,” he added. 

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