Shhh…she doesn’t need to know that getting her mad is the only reason I stopped hanging with the girl from across the road. It was one fateful Sunday and on the ride to church my mother had delivered a complete essay introducing the topic: my new friend from across the street, with the body being about reasons why I needed to break off all ties with her, ending brilliantly with the need to form productive friendships as a large part of my adult life would be greatly influenced by the friendships made at this point. Shhh…She doesn’t have to know that just beneath all of my rock hard expressionless surface is the sweet feeling of luck that wells up within me every time I hear a comment like ‘You look like your mother’. I still hate the fact that your dreams are more negative than positive thus I have to pray at odd hours and read bible verses about spiritual warfare. I definitely do not like that you would rather pray all day every day for me to find my perfect match when the time is right or ‘bone of my bone’ as you always say than pray for me to hit that big deal I had been working on…and in self-defence you say ‘it is always good to start early than wait till later.’ Shhh… I was awake last night when you placed your hands on my wrist feeling my pulse and just as the cold feeling of the thermometer made contact with my under arm I knew you were more worried than you looked when I told you about the recurring headaches. But No! I was adamant about  on seeing the doctor and you let me have my way even though it meant camping in my room while daddy slept alone. Shhh… Some of the weird show of love in the little unexpected things you do make up for my loving you so much. This one time, it was not my birthday yet but your friend had just returned from the gold market somewhere in Dubai and all you could think of was getting me a gold necklace I hardly ever wore…even though you knew I would rather have it converted to a head chain…lol Shhh…I would probably have to let the tears drop as I conjure an image of your gold watch in my ‘mind eye’. Now mummy, You know how much that watch got me all covetous as I begged you month in month out to let me have it…but your response again plays in my heart as you said in your calm voice ‘Nope it is a part of your wedding present so take your eyes off’…yes…only you can think that way. I can go on and on about my mum and how she is a potpourri of a lot of things but the one that stands out the most is the fact that this is my very own mumpourri…MY MOTHER and before you give me an eye roll you can follow suit, write about your own mumpourri in lieu of reading mine and poking holes…lol…In the spirit of Mother’s day, I urge you to pick up a pen and just write somethingto your mother…regardless of distance and wherever she is I know she would have a smile on her face because trust me when I say mothers are all knowing and that makes up their pourri…so she would always know when you write it whether or not she gets to read it.By Maureen Alasa,,,Happy Mother’s Day!NB –Share your thoughts, join the conversation : by tweeting at me @mzmaureor on facebook at Alasa

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