Today Idy discusses partnership. Have you ever considered what kind of partner you are looking for, life partner, business partner etc. or do you just fall into a partnership? 

On the Show Idy examines the question who are you? Considering at some point we ask others if they know who we are. Who are you really? 

On The Show Idy begins a new series hes titled, Understanding Consequences. Looking at it from 3Fs Faith, Family, Finances and 3M's Money, Marriage & Ministry. Do listen in and enjoy. 

Do we deserve the leadership that we have? Questioning, questioning being a skill that is needed in all spheres of life. 

In this edition of Navigate with Idy Enang, Ify & Seun take a look at SWOT analysis and how  you can use it to achieve set goals. Miss Biola Adeola also joined in to add some perspective to...